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Porta.4 Out Doesn't Change On 16F882

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i'm new on this forum, but i often use Sourceboost .Until now, i have always resolved my projects.

But, in this case, i do not find the mistake.

In the following code, porta.4 never change:



#include <system.h>


//Target PIC16F882 configuration word


#pragma DATA _CONFIG2, _WRT_OFF & _BOR21V

//Set clock frequency

#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000


#define OPTIONVAL 0b10001000 // valeur registre option

#define TRISAVAL 0b00000000

#define TRISBVAL 0b00000000


char cpt;


void main()

{ option_reg = OPTIONVAL;

porta = 0;

ansel = 0;

anselh = 0;

trisa = TRISAVAL;

portb = 0;

trisb = TRISBVAL;

while (1)

{ for (cpt = 0; cpt <256; cpt++)

{ porta = cpt;

portb = cpt;






Could you explain ?


Thank you




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Hi Jakonil,


Do you mean it does not work when using the IDE simulator or on the real device.


Maybe the simulator thinks it has the comparator 1 enabled for some reason.





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