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Mplab X Ide With Sourceboost V.7.05 And Linux

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I use UBUNTU (LINUX) as an OS and run, using wine, MPLAB IDE 8.5 with a licensed SourceBoost v.6.95 This works fine but is a little slow. No, since Microchip lanced the MPLAB X IDE there is also a version for LINUX and I red that SourceBoost v.7.05 has the drivers to run the program with the new environment.

Does this works also on a LINUX (UBUNTU) without fiddling with wine, and did someone install it successfully? ( I can't find any topics).


Thanks Martin

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Ok, I respond to myself:

As nobody in the forum seems to run MPLABX IDE under Linux (UBUNTU) and before inverting for a new programmer ICD3 (ICD2 want work with MPLABX IDE ) and before purchasing a new version of SourceBoost (with drivers for MPLABX IDE) I installed PIKLAB IDE.

IT WORKS GREAT and my ICD2 clone runs even faster then ever in MPLAB IDE under WIndows.


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In fact, I've tried MPLAB X a few times, but it as so many bugs that I reverted back to MPLAB 8.8x after a couple of hours each time I tried it.

For now I'm following its evolution on the Microchip forum, but it looks like its still far away from being a trustworthy tool.


Anyhow, integrating the Sourceboost toolchain in the IDE is only half of the equation.

The compiler and linker are invoqued by the IDE as external applications, so to have them running on Linux, they must be Linux executables.

AFAIK there are no Linux versions of the Sourceboost toolchain available yet.



Best regards


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