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How do you set up a firewall (specifically Comodo) for multithreaded compilation?


I am refering to the installation message about port 5584 and 2+ threads. I found the network policy tab in Comodo and have boostbuild_server.exe set as "trusted application" which means that it doesn't stop much of anything. However, when I compile with 1,2, or 4 threads (this is an old Intel E2160 dual core with XP), I don't see much difference. I don't see error messages either.


How do I know it is working? What differences should I see, typically.




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Use of boostbuild server will not make compilation of a project parallel. The server was designed to be able to compile multiple project in parallel but not multiple files from the same project. (In other words multiple users can use the server simultaneously). If you want to use parallel compilation for files from the same project you need to enable parallel build in the ide (and this does not do anything with boostbuild server). This will control the make command line issued by the ide to include the -j command line options and this command line option will let make to compile multiple source files in parallel (note that only the 'build' command from the ide will use make, if you just press 'compile' no make will be used and as result there will be no parallel compilation).




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