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Mplabx Cant Find Libc.pic16

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I am struggling to get MPLABX v1.80 to compile and link my code, I get the following messages

Error: Failed to open:../Program/

Error: Failed to open:Files/SourceBoost/Lib/libc.pic16.lib or C:\Program Files\SourceBoost\lib/Files/SourceBoost/Lib/libc.pic16.lib


I do not really use MPLABX I prefer the Sourceboost IDE, but I am using the Pickit3 debugger to see whats actually on the chip and get realistic timings. To get around the problem I have used the 'cof' file produced by sourceboost to build a new project in MPLABX.


It seems to work!!!!! I can step through the code and set breakpoints, though I cant make any sense of the timings for tmr0 and tmr1. I am using the timers to generate a PWM signal and setting them using the following code:



volatile uWORD TMR1 @ 0x000E; //combine adj reg TMR1L & TMR1H


#define STMR0 83

#define STMR1 536



//main program



//set starting values for timers

tmr0 = STMR0;



but they do not seem to be set when I step through and look at the register.


Any suggestions....





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