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Fat12, Fat16 And Fat32 Sd Card Interface Example

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I finished up adding write support as well as date and time to my SD project this Spring and finally got it on the web recently. With this code, it is possible to read, write and delete files as well as created and remove directories on FAT file systems built on MMC, SD or SDHC cards using long filenames.


The project can be found here:




This project uses the large memory model found in BoostC 7.xx. I should also mention that I developed this project with a custom SD card plugin that really helped ease development.


I still need to add more detail to the web page but here is a list of the commands that can be used in local mode from a terminal:


ls, cd, pwd, cat, new, rm, mkdir, rmdir, date, setdate, df, unmount, mount


Here are the functions that the above commands are using:

unsigned char FsMountFileSystem(unsigned char ReadOnly);

void FsUnmountFileSystem(void);

void FsPushCdStack(void);

void FsPopCdStack(void);

unsigned char FsGetFirstDir(char *Name,FsDirInfo *Info);

unsigned char FsGetNextDir(char *Name,FsDirInfo *Info);

unsigned char FsSeek(unsigned char FdIndex,unsigned long Offset,unsigned char Origin);

unsigned char FsClose(unsigned char FdIndex);

unsigned int FsRead(unsigned char FdIndex, unsigned int Count, unsigned char *Data);

unsigned int FsWrite(unsigned char FdIndex, unsigned int Count, unsigned char *Data);

unsigned char FsOpen(unsigned char Mode,char *Name);

unsigned char FsRemove(char *Name);

unsigned char FsMakeDir(char *Name);

unsigned char FsRemoveDir(char *Name);

void FsGetCurrentDirectory(char *Path);

unsigned char FsSetCurrentDirectory(char *Name);

unsigned long FsGetFreeSectors(void);

void FsInit(void);



Here are the commands that can be used in remote mode:

#define FS_VERSION 1

#define FS_INIT 2

#define FS_READ_SECTOR 3

#define FS_MOUNT 4



#define FS_GET_FIRST_DIR 7

#define FS_GET_NEXT_DIR 8



#define FS_OPEN 11

#define FS_READ 12

#define FS_WRITE 13

#define FS_CLOSE 14

#define FS_SEEK 15

#define FS_PUSH_DIR 16

#define FS_POP_DIR 17


#define FS_REMOVE 19

#define FS_MAKE_DIR 20

#define FS_REMOVE_DIR 21

#define FS_GET_TIME 22

#define FS_SET_TIME 23

#define FS_UNMOUNT 24

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