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I'm totally new to PIC and I can't overcome the following problem:


I'm just trying to write a little program for the LCD on my PIC18f4620 and on the line with


I'm getting the error

failed to parse template arguments

I have them set as follows


#define LCD_ARGS  1, /* Interface type: mode 0 = 8bit, 1 = 4bit(low nibble), 2 = 4bit(upper nibble) */ \
1,  /* Use busy signal: 1 = use busy, 0 = use time delays */\
portd, trisd,  /* Data port and data port tris register */ \
porta, trisa,  /* Control port and control port tris register */ \
3, /* Bit number of control port is connected to RS */ \
2, /* Bit number of control port is connected to RW */ \
1  /* Bit number of control port is connected to Enable */

What do I do wrong?


Thanks for the answer,




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