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Easypic5 P18F4620 Problem

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Hi again,


my professor says that it is not possible to work with the lcd_driver.h for EasyPIC5 P18F4620, but he did not mention a straightforward reason. I tried to work it out and there seems to be a problem with missing LCD R/W port (not used), so it onlyworks with RS and E ports and I don't know what to write in the particular section of LCD_ARGS. Could you help me or probably tell me if it is possible use SourceBoost LCD driver and how or if it is neccessary to write my own driver for this particular board? The LCD is a standard HD47780.


Thank you very much for answer as it is very important for me (semestr project work),



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I don't see any obvious reason for that.

Only thing I can imagine is if EasyPic has the control signals spread over more than one I/O port or some other peculiarity alike in its hardware.


Its allways possible to code your own functions to handle the LCD.

The "drivers" available from Sourceboost and others are very generic and assume some details in terms of the hardware connections, but they usually are good for some 90% situations, but from time to time we stumbled on some twisted hardware setting that the generic driver can't cover.


In terms of the HD47780 compaible LCDs, I have writen my own code at first time just as a self-teatching exercise.

Since then I used it with some minor tweaks for each new hardware setup, inlcuding to use bus expanders.


I'm not sure if I have a version for "single task" coding as I only recall using it with the sourceboost RTOS, "NOVO", and I definetilly don't have one with active delays.

Let me know a little more about your working context and I'll see if I have something that you can use.



Best regards


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