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Question For Adc_Measure() Function For Pic16F1827 Mcu

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According to the PIC16F1827 data sheet (http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/41391D.pdf), the channel selection bits in the 'adcon0' register are from bit 6 to bit 2 ( CHS4:CHS0), therefore I suppose to shift left 'two' bits to get the input for CHS4:CHS0.


But from the source code for adc_measure function in adc.c, it shows

// Clear the channel selection in adcon0
adcon0 &= 11000111b;
// Shift the channel value to the appropriate position
channel = (channel & 0x07) << 3; <================================= shift left 3 bits
// And move it to the appropriate position in adcon0
adcon0 |= channel;

Any can point out the mistake ?





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The adc.c source supplied was written before the PIC161827 was invented and covered the chips that were around at the time.


You will have to make the necessary changes to suit the device you are using.


It is diffucult to keep up with all the new parts from Micrcochip and where they put all the pins.


Use the supplied libraries as a guide and write the code to suit your application.

Do you want to use interrupts with adc or trigger it using the ccp feature.






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Thanks, Reynard.

Just to make sure I do not misunderstanding the data sheet, but I am also hoping that libraries bundled with Sourceboost Compiler is correct.

Best regards


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