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Sourceboost Ide Watch Window Showing Error

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When running the Button Test tutorial: http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=2399

I get following issue when running a simulation:post-5144-0-35640100-1399225107_thumb.png

I can only guess that any defined variable will cause the watch window to show ERROR because they are skipped by the simulator?


Is this me being a noob (I am with this really) or is it a bug?


I must say the more I use the simulator, the more I like the functionality.

If developers of Flowcode decide to stay with boostC rather than move to a different compiler due to some missing functions

e.g: cos, tan atan.

Also change the way floats work so they don't use non standard functions.

Then I would happily purchase the full version.

I'm just interested in learning on the complier that's under the hood of Flowcode.

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