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Guest Joe

12C5xx auto-code generation

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Guest Joe

It would be nice if we could program the TRIS for the 12C5xx devices:


gpio	= 00000000b;
tris	= 253;


As the tris register is not defined for this device, your compiler cannot generate the code and complains.


The Microchip datasheet states that in order to set the tris io pin direction register, you must execute a TRIS f

command (f=6 for 12c5xx), whereby the contents of the W register will be placed into tris:


So, when the compiler sees  tris = 253; I personally think it should generate:


; set    tris = 253
MOVLW .253     ; move data into W register
TRIS  .6       ; move W register to TRIS


Which is the correct ASM for setting the tris register.


So for all that are getting stuck on this, simply put this in your source code where you would like to change the tris values:




   MOVLW 0x??   ; replace ?? with your hex value

   TRIS  0x06


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