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Storing Float In Eeprom

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Anyone have a quick done routine to store a float to eeprom? I looked quite a bit and perhaps I didn't follow the setup or I missed something. thanks, or point me to where?



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The easiest way I can think of storing and retrieving a variable in IEEE floating point format is byte by byte.


Just declare an "unsigned char pointer" and make it point to the variable of interest.

Use a loop from "0" to "sizeof( <float var> ) -1" to retrieve one byte at a time and store it in the EEPROM.

Use the same aproach to retrieve them back to a variable of the same type.

This way you don't have to worrie with the number and order of bytesin the variable.

This approach can be used with any kind of complex variables, not only IEEE formats but also structures and unions.




Best regards


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