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Compiling Through Mplab Just Modified Files

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Hello everyone,


When MPLAB IDE is used with sourceboost to compile a project consisting of multiple files, is there any way to it compile just the modified files, as SourceBoost IDE does?


Same question to mplabx.


thx in advance,



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nope... it doesn't.


As mplab 8.xx does, mplabx keep deleting all previous compiled files and always start compiling everything, at least with default settings.


Tried to find out on mplabx settings, something like "not delete everything before compile" or "keep non modified files", etc, but not saw anything related.


Maybe you know how to do it?




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Hi Pavel,



i realize that the issue i asked for have nothing to do with sourceboost... my apologizes.


Meanwhile after to add -d option in the make options, mplabx start working as is supposed to do even after remove this option.


Funny thing is this is just a verbose mode option of make, though.



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Yep, it looks like its only "verbose", but it has some side efects.

MPLAB X at its best :(



Maybe they sort it out in release XXX (aka Beta 123,333) by the year ...... 20xx... :( :( :(



Just my 2 cents .....



Best regards


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