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Mplab Integration And Icd3

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Can someone post a detailed procedure how to integrate Sourceboost in MPlab and how to use ICD3 debugger?

I have the Pro license so would like to keep using sourceboost.

My programs are getting always more complex and manual debugging is taking too long. Hope ICD3 will do the job.

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I do use BoostC but with Mplab 8.

To integrate with Mplab 8, I usually use the Sourceboost installer.

Integration with Mplab X is done from inside Mplabx, there is a step by step guide provided with the Sourcebost documentation.



I don't know if its still the case with Mplab X, but Mplab 8 doesn't support the use of debuggers directly from the debug/release build switch.

You have to take care of the "reserved resources" (microchip documentation on Pickit3 or ICD3) yourself with the following steps.


1 ) In the source code main file include <icd3.h>, it has a number of dummy variable declarations that preserve RAM addresses used by the "debug executive".


2 ) In the boostlink command line add the following switches:

"-icd2" --> to preserve the program address 0x0000 (reset vector) to be used by the debug executive.

"-rt <......>" --> to preserve the top of program flash for the debug executive.


After you have your code tested and debuged, remove this 3 extras to produce a "release" build.


I usualy start each new project in debug mode with the above configurations and when the project reaches a Beta or RC level, I make a copy of the project file, with another name, and remove the above "extras" for issuing release builds.


Reserving the resources for the "debug executive" allow you to make full use of the Mplab debugger.






Best regards


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