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16F1519 Configuration Bits

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I am trying to get the subject chip to work, but the BoostC compiler keeps complaining about the configuration buts I have.


This above is what I have (this crazy forum won't let me put the code anywhere but at the top of this.... why doesn't anything ever work right??????)


Any way, the error has to do with _VCAPEN_OFF parameter. It keeps complaining that this is an unknown identified and an invalid operand. I looked in the .h file for the 16f1519 and this item is listed for config2. I tried includeing PIC16F1519.h and all that did was throw a huge number of errors for having variables that already exist.


Can anyone explain what I have done wrong here?


Just so you know, there is NOTHING in the main program except



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Works for me (SB V7.30)


Just done a copy and paste and it compiles without error.


Maybe you have a sneaky character in there somewhere.






ps. Are you compiling for a PIC16LF1519 which doesn't have _VCAPEN ?

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I'm an idiot.


Yes, I was trying to comile for the LF version.


Thak you. That fixed it. My father-in-law always said you have to be smarter than the piece of equipment you're working with.... that explains alot.

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