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I2C Retargeting Problem

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I have a working version (albeit very simple) of I2C that is targetted to 16f1519. I am attempting to port this over to 18f2510. I have verified that all the addresses in the i2c_driver.h match what is available on the 18f2510 (in other words, they are thye same as on the 16f1519). I have not changed anything in the header file. I have made sure that the config registers are correct for the new target.


Problem, when I comile the program for the new target I keep getting the same error "failed to parse template arguments".


As I understand this, it is telling me that somehow the arguments I am passing the templates are not correct for the target I have specified. That would indicate that the addresses are not correct, right? But they are. I ahve quadruple checked that. I have also verified that the mapped addresses are not outside the memory banks of the pic. I don't understand what to do from here. This should be an easy process, but I just don't know what to do. Can someone help me, please?

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Kindly disregard. I found the issue. One register from the original target is not named the same in the new (sspcon in the 1519 is named sspcon1 in the 2510). Sorry for the trouble.

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