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Well, some ANSI-C newbies could ask "what is dereferencing".

It concern the use of "&" preceding a var's symbol.


Then, using indirect addressing with FSR, it's common sense to think of :



char myvariable[10];

char idx;

for(idx=0; idx<10; idx++)


  fsr = &myvariable  + idx;

  indf = something;


/* instead of  */


for(idx=0; idx<10; idx++)




      bank     _myvariable ; risky while using .lib modules ;

      movf     _idx,W

      addlw    _myvariable

      movwf   FSR

      ;** assert STATUS's IRP bit **;

      movf     _something,W

      movwf   INDF;



As far as I'm concerned, I greatly prefer the first syntax and its 3 lines code !  :cool:


So, Mr Pavel Sir, how about dereferencing ?

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