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Guest Joe

A few addtions that i would like to see

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Guest Joe


Debugger support for ALL targets... granted this is differcult, but maybe just the cheepo devices such as the 12C508/9 ?

These devices are commonly used as they are very cheep, but debugging is a real bitch because there is only i/o lines!



Toolbar buttons for build, compile, program, debug to look the same as visual studio (i like visual studio, it rocks)



Toolbar buttons to add/remove/jump to next/jump to previous bookmarks.

I didn't even know that your IDE had bookmarks until i printed off your HTML instruction manual and read it over lunch (i'm very sad ::P: )



This is a no-no, but i think it would be cool if you could design a circuit diagram with a pic in it, and then simulate the whole thing, inc. hardware.

I know some high-end simulation packages can do this, but they cost like $10k ++




Source level ('C' code) debugging. Debugging in ASM is just pointless for me -- if i wanted to debug in ASM, i would write code in ASM.




Add the ability of the 7-seg display to show a decimal representation of the binary value of the port. I.e. if the port value was [01010011] the display would show: 53.




Break points in the 'C' code.

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Guest Pavel

#5 and #7:


Ide already supports source level debugging. It's just the compiler (c2c) that doesn't generate this information (because it generates plain assembly file and all debug info is generated by assembler). The new compiler will generate source level debug info and one will be able to debug code on C level.




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