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Has anyone converted the USB demo code to be compatible with C2C-plus.


If so, can I have a copy?


I'm a new user of this tool and I'm trying to get something going ASAP.


I'd rather not use the assembler version, but it might take a while convert the C to be compatible with this compiler from a standing start.





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I've work with USB in HI-TECH. I modified the code of microchip for my application.


It's difficult to try understand the code; i just adjust some values for some drivers.


If you can we starting write a code for C2C compiler.


I have some document and tools that can help us

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Hi Folks,


I've got a system working using the HID device type.


My current system is coded in assembler but I'm now converting it to C.


From my experience the majority of problems with getting this device talking relate to Descriptor Tables of which there are several.


Have you got that far yet?


Are your projects HID's or are you writing device drivers?




Chris S

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