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Duplicate Global Variable Error With Boostc Linker

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Bug description:

If two source modules have global variables with the same name, the linker complains about a duplicate variable.


Steps to reproduce:

1.) Create a new project

2.) Add a main.c file to the project with the following code

char x;

void main()


3.) Add a other.c file to the project with the following code

char x;

void test()


4.) Compile the project using BoostC

5.) Notice the linker error message


Expected behavior:

The linker should allow for each C module to have their own set of global variables that might have the same name because the declared variables were declared at module scope.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:



PicAntIDE version: PicAndIDE version

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: 1.0 Alpha


OS: Windows XP




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Thanks for the report but this is not a bug. If you try to do same under MS Visual C++ it will also complain:


test.obj : error LNK2005: "char x" (?x@@3DA) already defined in main.obj


You need to declare these global variables as 'static' (or make 'static' at least one of them).




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Yes, you are correct, I should have tested it in MSVC++ before submitting it.


However, I still have a question. How then, do we include <system.h> in two different C modules? That is really how I came upon this problem. Once you include <system.h> in two different C modules, you get duplicate variable errors because none of the register variables are declared as static. Perhaps in <system.h>, the registers should be declared as static?

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Ahh this is a beauty of variables with fixed addresses ;) Since they are already located they don't collide even if declared in different source files.




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Gotcha, however, if this is the case, how come the following code does not link because the linker says that there are duplicate variables.


Make a main.c source file with the following code:

#include <system.h>

void main()



Then, make another test.c source file with the following code:

#include <system.h>

void test()


Add both files to a new project and compile. It compiles fine, but will not link without errors. If I understand you correctly, the linker should not fail because the variables within the system.h file are fixed address variables. However, the linker does fail.


Here is the linker output:

BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 1.0 Alpha

Copyright© 2004 Pavel Baranov

Copyright© 2004 David Hobday

Duplicate global var:indf

Duplicate global var:tmr0

Duplicate global var:pcl

Duplicate global var:status

Duplicate global var:fsr

Duplicate global var:porta

Duplicate global var:portb

Duplicate global var:portc

Duplicate global var:pclath

Duplicate global var:intcon

Duplicate global var:pir1

Duplicate global var:pir2

Duplicate global var:tmr1l

Duplicate global var:tmr1h

Duplicate global var:t1con

Duplicate global var:tmr2

Duplicate global var:t2con

Duplicate global var:sspbuf

Duplicate global var:sspcon

Duplicate global var:ccpr1l

Duplicate global var:ccpr1h

Duplicate global var:ccp1con

Duplicate global var:rcsta

Duplicate global var:txreg

Duplicate global var:rcreg

Duplicate global var:ccpr2l

Duplicate global var:ccpr2h

Duplicate global var:ccp2con

Duplicate global var:adresh

Duplicate global var:adcon0

Duplicate global var:option_reg

Duplicate global var:trisa

Duplicate global var:trisb

Duplicate global var:trisc

Duplicate global var:pie1

Duplicate global var:pie2

Duplicate global var:pcon

Duplicate global var:sspcon2

Duplicate global var:pr2

Duplicate global var:sspadd

Duplicate global var:sspstat

Duplicate global var:txsta

Duplicate global var:spbrg

Duplicate global var:cmcon

Duplicate global var:cvrcon

Duplicate global var:adresl

Duplicate global var:adcon1

Duplicate global var:eedata

Duplicate global var:eeadr

Duplicate global var:eedath

Duplicate global var:eeadrh

Duplicate global var:eecon1

Duplicate global var:eecon2



Exit code was -1. [No error.]

Removing target: test.hex

Failed to locate output file 'test.hex'





Please shine some light on this, thanks.

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Guest Dave

You are correct, currently this fails but should not - it should work as per Pavels expectation.


Totally my mistake ;)


I have fixed linker, it will be released soon with this fix.





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