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16F877 interrupt ?

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I wrote some code to check 16F877 interrupts.

In this code below, LEDs are connected to all portb and #2 of



When I run this code, LED (portb,4) switching on and off but

LED (portb,3:timer1) stays OFF. LED (portd,2) in the main loop keeps ON.

Are there anythig wrong with my code ?


Thsnks for your help in advance.






char rcvdata;



#pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000



/* interrupt routine                        */


void interrupt(void)




 // RS interrupt

 if( (pir1 & RCIF) != 0){ // receive

   if ( (rcsta & 00000110) == 0){  // no error




   } else {                        // error !




 } else {




 // Timer2 interrupt

 if ( (pir2 & TMR2IF) != 0){




 // timer0 interrupt

 if( (intcon & T0IF) != 0 ){





 // Timer1 interrupt

 if ( (pir1 & TMR1IF) != 0){




 // RB0 interrrupt

 if( (intcon & INTF) != 0){




 // RBs change interrupt

 if( (intcon & RBIF) != 0){






 portb=0;   // all LEDs off












/* main */






 /*****IO port direction *****/

trisa = 001111b;

trisb = 00000000b;   // all outputs connected to LED (high->ON, low -> OFF)

trisc = 10001001b;//

trisd = 0011b;  //

trise = 110b;


 // PORT  initial setting

portb=0; // ALL LEDs off

set_bit(portd,2); // LED OFF

set_bit(portd,3); // LED OFF

set_bit(portc,4); // LED OFF

set_bit(portc,5); // LED OFF


/***** ADC setting *****/

adcon1 = 10000111b; // AD not used

adcon0 = 10000001b;


// RS485

spbrg = 4;  // SPBRG

set_bit(txsta,BRGH); // high speed

clear_bit(txsta,SYNC); // async



   set_bit(rcsta,RX9); // 9bit

set_bit(rcsta,CREN); // continuous receive


set_bit(rcsta,SPEN); // RS485 enable


// timer 0

OPTION_REG = 00000111b;



//t1con=0; // clear





set_bit(t1con,T1CKPS0); //

set_bit(t1con,T1CKPS1); // pre-scale 1:8



clear_bit(t1con,TMR1CS); // internal clock;

set_bit(t1con,TMR1ON); // timer enable


   // interrupt enable or disable

   clear_bit(intcon,T0IE); // tim0 disable

   clear_bit(pie1,RCIE);   // RS disable


   //clear_bit(intcon,RBIE); // RBs change disable


   set_bit(pie1,TMR1IE);   // Timer 1 enable


   set_bit(intcon,GIE);   // all interrupt


   while(1){   // main routine

    clear_bit(portd,2); // LED ON


    set_bit(portd,2);  // LED OFF


   } //end of while


   return 1;


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Guest Bert

If this is the actual code, shouldn't this line:

if ( (rcsta & 00000110) == 0){  // no error


if ( (rcsta & 00000110b) == 0){  // no error


I haven't looked closely enough see if there is an actual problem, but that little syntax error would cause lots of problems.    :;):

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I believe your problem is with this line:

if ( (rcsta & 00000110) == 0){  // no error


It should be:

if ( (rcsta & 00000110b) == 0){  // no error


because of the typo you are always going into the error logic branch, and the led stays off.


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By changing "00000110" to "00000110b" , LED portb 0 comes on.

However, it seems RCIF never be cleared. The code runs continuously in the interrupt routine. Main routine is not executed. I put ADM485 to RC7/RX but physically any RS485

device is not connected.

"rcvdata=rcreg;" should reset RCIF.

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The following code may be causing you problems.



Generally, any two bit operations on the same register should be separated by a nop();  This is a workaround for the PIC read-modify-write problems.  (It is documented in more detail in the Microchip app notes & FAQ on their web site.)


I'm not sure that is the problem in this case, but the extra nop() won't hurt.  Try adding it elsewhere in the code too.  like when you operate on the intcon register.  Also be aware that enable_interrupts() is an intcon bit operation, so the same rule applies.

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