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C2c++ 5.5.1e Access Violation With Missing "]"

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Bug description:


C2C++ 5.5.1e terminates abnormally with an access violation if an array reference does not contain a closing bracket "]".


Steps to reproduce:


Create and build the following program with the included syntax error:


void main(void)


char i[1],j;

j = i[0; // compiler terminates with an access violation because of the missing "]".



Error Window:


Error: Access violation at 0x00413079 (tried to read from 0x0000000C), program terminated.


output log:


C2C++ 5.5.1e C/C++ compiler Copyright© 1998-1999,2000-2004 by Pavel Baranov


(Extended version)


Licensed to:



C:\PROGRA~1\SOURCE~1\c2cpp.exe -PPIC16F877A -SRC -ols -md -O2 -W1 -Ip16F877A.inc -otest.asm main.c

Exit code was 128.

Removing target: test.asm

Failed to locate output file 'test.asm'





Expected behavior:


Suggest that the compiler should display a syntax error stating that a "]" was expected on that line of code.


Is the problem 100% reproducible:

This problem happens every time.


IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 5.5.1

Compiler: C2C++

Compiler version: 5.5.1e

OS: MS Windows 2000 SP4

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