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Static Variable Bug?

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I *think* I've found a compiler bug in how code is translated to asm with regard to static variables. (using boostc 1.6 Alpha)


It's my understanding that static variables that are initialized are only supposed to be initialized once.


Here's example code:


char staticVariableTest()


// initialization should only happen once

static char a = 0;

return a++;



The asm, however, shows that the variable will be cleared each time through:



; { staticVariableTest ; function begin



CLRF staticVariableTest_2_a

INCF staticVariableTest_2_a, F

MOVF staticVariableTest_2_a, W

MOVWF CompTempVarRet0


; } staticVariableTest function end


Here's the code I used to test this function:


void main()


char i = 0;

char total = 0;

for (i=0;i<10;i++)


total = staticVariableTest();


// break point here.

// total should equal 9;

// but instead shows 1

char result = total;



p.s. thanks for all the work you've done... I can imagine it's been a tough ride so far. If static variables aren't supported yet, I appologize for not learning about this before posting.

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This bug has been fixed. Took a while to sort it out but now compiler fully supports static locals. Fix will be available in BoostC 1.7 release (or update).




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