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Writing / Reading EEPROM with C2C Compilier

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I am having a hard time writing to the EEPROM on my PIC16F877. I am using the EEPROM functions which are in the piccode.c file included in the project.

I have gone to a main() that just writes to the eeprom and then reads and prints to my lcd. The lcd works great, for instance if I just say wrt_lcd(‘A’); then I get the A on the screen. However, I seem to be getting garbage out of the eeprom read function.





char a,b,d;

void main()

{           asm{

                       clrf        PORTD

                       bsf        STATUS,RP0

                       movlw   b'00000000'

                       movwf   PORTD

                       movlw   b'00111111'

                       movwf   PORTA

                       movlw   b'00000111'       ;digital i/o on porta

                       movwf   ADCON1

                       movlw   b'00000000'

                       movwf   PORTB

                       bcf        STATUS,RP0    

                       clrf        PORTB

                       clrf        PORTA }






           _EEPROMWrite(0x01, 'a');  


           _EEPROMWrite(0x02, 'b');


           _EEPROMWrite(0x03, 'c');  



           a = _EEPROMRead(0x01);

           b = _EEPROMRead(0x02);

           d = _EEPROMRead(0x03);



           goto ret_main;



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