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Boostc 1.6 Alpha - Bug Report

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I'm thinking that this may be a real bug so I'm posting here as well...


Info: BoostC 1.6 ALPHA, IDE 5.7, Target PIC16F84A


I'm seeing a memory overwrite with the following code:



char g_vidRAM[21];


void main()


// Do some stuff

lcd_print("+------------------+", 1);

// Do some more stuff



void lcd_print ( const char * pStr, int pLine )



// Do even more stuff



void vidstrcpy (char * pdest, const char *psrc)


char i_problem = 0;

while (psrc[i_problem]!=0x00)


pdest[i_problem] = psrc[i_problem];







What I see is that on initialization of i_problem, the psrc string has its last couple of bytes overwritten.


BUT if i_problem is changed to an int data type then things work fine.




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