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Ansi Standard Questions...

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Exactly which standard will the BoostC compiler be based on? I've noticed there are a few standards for C, the latest, I believe, to be C99.


One problem I see looming is the size of the built-in types... depending on the platform, an int can be 16 bits, or 32 bits.. same goes with the others... how long is a long? The C9X standard includes some header files that typedef the built-in types to include the bits as part of the name... so instead of int we'd use INT16... There are some other nice additions that I'd like to see included too, if possible.


Here's a web site that does a nice job of listing some of the improvements:


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Guest Joe

As i see it,


char = 1 byte

short = 2 bytes

long = 4 bytes

double = 8 bytes (signed only)



I think this is fairly standard accross all compilers.

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