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I was using the register view during debugging for a 16C745. I modified the 16C745.TDF to show some additional bits in the UIR register as follows using the other registers in the TDF as a guide:




When I set TOK_DNE=1, UIR became 16 instead of 8.


When I changed it to

BitNames = "b1","b2","STALL","UIDLE","TOK_DNE","ACTIVITY","UERR","USB_RST";


When I set TOK_DNE=1, UIR became 8 as expected. There appears to be a problem using "" as a spaceholder.


In your PCON setup

BitNames = "","","","","","","NOT_POR","NOT_BO";

Setting NOT_BO=1, PCON became 2 instead of 1.

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