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Boostc1.6_1.7.2 Ram Alocation Bug

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Bug description:

Only bit 0 and bit 7 of a GPR are alocated to bit variables.


Steps to reproduce:

#include <system.h>


bit bFlag0;

bit bFlag1;

bit bFlag2;

bit bFlag3;

bit bFlag4;

bit bFlag5;

bit bFlag6;

bit bFlag7;


void main()





Compile and look at generated asm file. You'll see that:


gbl_bFlag0 EQU 0x0000000C ; bit:0

gbl_bFlag1 EQU 0x0000000C ; bit:7

gbl_bFlag2 EQU 0x0000000D ; bit:0

gbl_bFlag3 EQU 0x0000000D ; bit:7

gbl_bFlag4 EQU 0x0000000E ; bit:0

gbl_bFlag5 EQU 0x0000000E ; bit:7

gbl_bFlag6 EQU 0x0000000F ; bit:0

gbl_bFlag7 EQU 0x0000000F ; bit:7


Expected behavior:

The eight bit variables should use only 1 byte of RAM not 4.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:

Every time.


IDE version: SourceBoost Version 5.7

Compiler: BoostC for PIC16

Compiler version: 1.7.2

Target device: PIC16f84A

OS: Windows XP

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Good one :(

I'm suprise no one else has noticed this before now.


Now fixed. Available in the next release.




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