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Feature suggestion - pattern scripts by target typ

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This is just a suggestion, don't know if others might find it useful or not.  Could pattern scripts somehow be made (optionally) target-specific in C2C 5.00 (or later in the 4.x series)?


The reason I ask is that I switch between projects for 16F874s and 16F628s on a semi-frequent basis when doing system-level debugging.  It's a pain to put in and take out the appropriate pattern script for context-saving on the 874, and sometimes this lack of attentiveness leads to really strange bugs that further confuse me.


As to how to implement it, perhaps directories under the scripts dir that would contain target-specific scripts?  Anything in scripts would always get run, as it works now, but anything in a subdirectory called PIC16F874 would run only for that target type.  Or something like that...


Just a thought...



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