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Libraries for peripherals?

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I just registered the standard edition of CodeVisionAVR,

and I am thinking about registering this as well, since

I have worked with PICs, they are easy to get, etc..

CodeVision AVR has a lot of libraries for the Dallas Bus, I2C, LCDs, and various more specific popular peripherals like the DS1620, DS1302 real time clock, and so forth. I wasn't able to find very much with this compiler, but more than for some other PIC C compilers. Certainly I can find code examples

or write code myself, but it is nice and saves time to have libraries or examples. All in all, C2C seems to be the best compiler for PIC, but the AVR world seems to be ahead of the PIC world in this respect. So are there I2C, Dallas, SPI etc. libraries or examples out there somewhere for C2C?


William Smith

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