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Guest Joe

"instant Update Of Watched Vars" Button

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Guest Joe




I need to watch variables change in real time in the simulator (well not really in real time, but i still need to see them change).


I have them in the watch window, but have to click snapshot as fast as i can to see them change.


It would be good if there was a "update watched variables instantly" on/off button next to the snapshot button.


When instant update is on, watched vars update as it happens, but the source code tracker (green bar) doesnt track. This will only change when snapshot is pressed (current action).


This would be really really handy. I've needed this on several projects now, and my finger is starting to sting from hitting the snapshot button over and over again.


I'd much prefer to hit the "instant update of watched vars" button, sit back with my vodka/lemonade and watch the vars change automaticly. :(


Most of my projects involves clock/counters so waiting for a certain count can take alot of clicking!




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