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What's new with 5.0?

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I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade to 5.0. I'm currently

using 4.6 and I'm not sure what additional features 5.0 has

that I would use. I'm most interested in the compiler itself.

I don't really use the IDE other than to invoke the compiler.


So, what's new in the compiler?

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Guest Pavel

Most changes in 5.0 vs 4.6 were done in the PicAntIDE.


Changes in the compiler were:

- new const string generation scheme (now up to 84 const strings can be used in the code (for PIC16 target) vs about 30 in 4.x);

- added ability to reserve program space at the beginning of code memory (required by some bootloaders);

- small fixes in code page generation;

- some fixes in the preprocessor.


Also in the following compiler releases I plan to add more optimization to generate more tight assembly.




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