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Header File Rebuild Bug

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Bug description:

Changes made to a header file mark the document as modified (i.e. the save button becomes enabled) however attempting to rebuild (F7) results in the build output displaying done without any new compilation or linking taking place.


Steps to reproduce:

Create a main source file, create a header, reference the header from within the source file. Build the project. Now modify the header file and attempt to build. Result is as described above.


Expected behaviour:

Compiler should detect that a dependency (i.e. header file has changed) and permit a rebuild. Currently as a workaround I'm having to modify the source file just so that the compiler believes that the source has changed.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable:



IDE version: 5.8

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: 1.9.3

Target device: PIC16f876a

OS: XP Pro SP1



I'm fairly confident that this bug was not present in SB 5.7 as I'm sure I would have already noticed it.


Pavel: Sorry, forgot to mention the header file is not in the same directory as the source file. i.e the include statement in the source file is:

#include "..\utilities\utilities.h"

Thought this might have a bearing!

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Sorry no reply before.


This is not a bug, but a known limitation.

The dependancy list does not include header files.


The current work around is if a header is changed press the 'C' (compile) button, which then compiles everything. Then press the 'B' or 'L' button to complete the build.




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