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Pendrive Compatability

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Ok, well i just been looking into ftp software etc. and noticed some cool features that some software vendors (usually GNU type stuff) are implementing, XML instead of registry options.


Would this be possible? If so then pen drive compatability would also be possible (although there are some problems with working on files on the pen drives as different systems will give different names to the drives (ie, my laptop is G: my pc is I:), so u would need some sort of way to get the pendrive's letter and/or have a local working directory)


Just pondering, u could have a roaming licence which can be put in to the IDE installed on a computer which will copy the required files / XML to the pendrive (or whatever - mp3 player ...).


Just an idea... Might be slow, but being about 20MB its a very doable task even on a 32MB drive...




- Martyn

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