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Debugging Interrups

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volatile bit ser_rcif @ PIR1.RCIF; // RCIF flag
void interrupt(void)
 if (ser_rcif) {  //## USART Interrupt
   char ch = rcreg;  // get char and clear RCIF flag
   buffer_in(ch);     // put in a ring buffer
void main(void)
 for(;;) {
   ser_rcif = 1;  // sets RCIF (usart RX flag)
   nop(); nop(); // some delay for latency
   char = buffer_out(); // get char from buffer


While debugging, stepping into [F11] the line ser_rcif = 1; sets the RCIF flag and generates an interruption (fine!). This way (embedding the debug symmulation into the code) it is possible to debug the interrupt function.



• a way to set values at the Watch Bar (acceptable) OR

• an Interrupt Bar for set/clear flags (with side effects) and to set vars (better)


SO we could ease step thru interrupt code!


Regards, Luiz Domingues.

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