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Inline Within Inline Bug

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Bug description: Calling an inline function winthin another inline function crashes BoostC.


Steps to reproduce: See source code. The compiler generated a popup Error message


Error: Access violation at 0x0044601E (tried to read from 0x00000004), program terminated.


Removing the second inline compiles with no error.


#include <system.h>

inline char getA(char ch)
 return ch;

inline char getB(char ch)
//^^== compiler crashes - remove that inline to compile ==
 return getA(ch);

void main()
 char ch;
 ch = getB('w');
 for (;;)


Expected behaviour: Unlimited nesting of inlines - PC stack bigger than PIC one.


Is the problem 100% reproduceable: 100% reproduceable


IDE version: 5.9.1

Compiler: BoostC

Compiler version: 2.0.1 Beta for PIC16 and PIC18

Target device: PICXXXXX (all PIC16 and PIC18)

OS: Windows-XP Professional 2002 - SP2

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This one has been just fixed. Fix will be available in the next relese. The workaround is to change argument name in the inlined functions so that they don't match.




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