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  1. As this is a SourceBoost forum, the following link is more correct... http://www.sourceboost.com/Products/ECIO/Overview.html
  2. I get the following linker error in very replicable situations. Internal Error: Trying to add bank switching for var that has no memory allocated:'del' ('delay_ms_00000_arg_del',0xF0000010) For example, the following program produces this error: #define P16F877A #include <system.h> #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 19660800 void main() { while( 1 ) { } while( 1 ) { delay_s(1); } mainendloop: goto mainendloop; } It seems like the dead code (i.e. the delay_s function) gets removed, as does its parameter (delay_ms_00000_arg_del), but the parameter is still referenced somewhere intern
  3. It looks like BoostC can't handle an ampersand character (&) in the directory structure of files passed to it. Here's an example output: Launching the compiler... BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 6.35 (for PIC18 architecture) ..... Starting preprocessor: "C:\PROGRAM FILES\MATRIX MULTIMEDIA\FLOWCODE V3\BOOSTC\pp.exe" "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Pump Software\v3&v3b4\v3b4 stuff\lcd_v3\lcd_v3b4.c" -i "C:\PROGRAM FILES\MATRIX MULTIMEDIA\FLOWCODE V3\BOOSTC\include" -d _PIC18F2525 -la -c2 -o lcd_v3b4.pp -v -d _BOOSTC -d _PIC18 C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Pump Software\v3(1): error: failure
  4. Is there any way to turn the stack depth checking in the linker off? I.e., turn the following error into a warning: Error: Target call stack depth of 8 exceeded calling <xxxxx> I have a "well behaved" program using recursion which just won't link, even though I *know* it will work fine without exceeding the stack depth. To ban recursion in this way limits coding techniques to more "ham-fisted" approaches. But even when the use of recursion will cause a stack overflow, it is useful from an educational perspective to show what actually happens. Thanks, Steve.
  5. I'm creating code that needs to be compiled by both the C2C and the BOOSTC compilers. Unfortunately there needs to be some minor code differences for each compiler, so I need to make use of conditional compilation (and the most obvious way would be to use #ifdef). Do either (hopefully both) of these compilers create their own definitions so that I could use code similar to that below? #ifdef _C2C delay_us(20); #endif #ifdef _BOOSTC delay_10us(2); #endif Steve.
  6. Hi, Passing a right-parenthesis ')' as a parameter fails: #include <system.h> void funct(char x); void main() { funct(')'); } void funct(char x) { char y = x; } Compiler error is: error: arguments of 'funct' don't match the parameters of call Steve.
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