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  1. Ok, it's working now! Problem was obviously using WritePrivateProfile-Functions to manipulate the Project-File which caused sharing-violations (Win32-Error 33) with some NetWare-Clients. Just upgraded to the latest Client from Januar 2006 and it's working now. Obviously they changed little more than documented... Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I have some Problems storing SourceBoost-Project-Files on a NetWare-Share. The Project-File is created empty (0 Bytes) and remains empty. Of course you can't add Source-Files or Compile (get the great "FATAL: Rules must be after target"-Error). This only happens when the Project is stored on a NetWare-Server and using the original (current) NetWare-Client on the Workstation. This happens with Win2k and WinXP, with a mapped drive or via UNC-Path and with SourceBoost 6.32 and 5.97. The Project-File is properly stored when accessing the NetWare-Server via the Microsoft NetWa
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