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  1. Thanks Dave for the info and quick reply. Are there plans to add functions like "print"? Is there a projection yet as to when BoostBasic would release to a for sale version?
  2. Hi, I have been struggling with BoostBasic when it comes to interrupt evaluations. I have been trying to use an Evaluation Statement like this: If (pir1.TXIF = 1) Then.... Or: txreg = 82 Do . . . Loop Until (pir1.TXIF = 1) Using the 877A, the documentation for the TXIF bit says that hardware determines it's state and it is not software setable/resetable. So using it in a straightforward method like in the Do statement above, I would expect that the DO Loop will continue until the byte is fully transmitted and the buffer would be empty again. The empty buffer woul
  3. Hi, I am trying to make use of the different bootloaders out there now. They occupy the topmost 256 bytes of memory in the PIC16F877A. In addition, the RESET(MAIN) entry point needs to be shifted by 4, i.e. instead of starting at address 0x0000, the new starting address is 0x0004. I know BOOSTBASIC is in BETA, however, I cannot determine what the PRAGMA statement would be to put into the source file to ensure this memory shift. I know that SOURCEBOOST IDE also has a special LINKER Function spot to change the default start of MAIN from 0x0000 to something else. I guess what I am looking
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