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  1. Hi, who can tell me, why the following code for 16F876A does not work? //--------------------------------------------------------------- // Test programm for simple output via USART (polling) //--------------------------------------------------------------- #include <system.h> // #define SOFTWAREEMULATEDSUPPORT // #include "my_rs232_driver.h" // #include <rs232_driver.h> #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 8000000 //Writes Character to Serial Port void OutTx(unsigned char cByte) { while(!pir1.TXIF) // pie1.TXIE Wait for interrupts to finish last message continue; tx
  2. Dave, I can not use inline assembly code and can not use rs232-functions! If I want to compile the code void setup(void) { asm { banksel trisc movlw b'01000000' movwf trisc } } I get the following error Have you got an idea why inline assembly code and the rs232-functions described in "serial_driver.h" do not work in both versions IDE 6.33 and 6.35 I installed ? Regards Turhan
  3. Thanks for the help Dave, Since it wasn't a code error I updated the compiler to version 6.33 and now it works Tone <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dave, do you have an idea, why the given code does not work with version 6.33 for 16F876A? What´s about the headerfile "rs232_driver.h"? The needed definitions and variables are in the file "SimpleSend.h". What can be the reason for this problem ? Regards Turhan #include <system.h> #include "SimpleSend.h" // char txreg; void sendString(const char * string); void sendString(const char* string) {
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