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  1. Can this sequence: CALL function_0000 RETURN be automatically optimised to GOTO function_0000 A large number of my functions generate the first piece of code due to them immediatelly calling another (void xxx(void)) function before returning.
  2. Ah, right you are. I'll got pop a post in the Enhancements section then :angry:
  3. unclerichy

    Ide Bug

    I run W2KSP4 as well and have the same behaviour. Double-clicking a file under the Project opens the file and then I can access the menus again.
  4. Bug description: I'm trying to create as script to optimise a CALL followed by immediate RETURN with a GOTO instead. Eg: CALL i2c_delay_0000 RETURN should become GOTO i2c_delay_0000 Steps to reproduce: Create a file named 'picgoto.pat' and placed it under C:\Program Files\Sourceboost\Scripts. Below are the file contents: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Author: R.Yeardley // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Name: "RYgoto" Debug: on Pattern: 00. call %v0% 01. return Action: change 00 "\tgoto %v0%" d
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