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  1. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Carefully read the Philips docs before using optocouplers on the I2C bus. You may also have a look at Philips' special ICs like P82B715 and similar. As regards interrupts, only PORTB supports them in the 16F8 series (and in many pin-compatible series, like 18F45x). But you do not really need interrupt for a touch panel. Polling the "touch sense" line a few times per second is more than enough. Are you using discrete transistor/fet switching or a dedicated touch panel controller ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh you missunderstood me. I mean
  2. Thanks, so I´ve to change the 16f870 into slaves, I need them because they are messuring analog voltages on a sep. circuit what is neccessary because the voltage can increase up to 90Vdc. I handelt that with iso122 operaters and Dc/Dc changers and one 16f870 for each mess.circuit. I can plug in these circuits optional on a mainboard (4plugs=4 Pics). I sartded to programm the extern interrupts for the touchpanel and recognize that they have to be connected with portz B is that right? Can´t I use port A for the interrupts? Because then I´ve to make a new hardwaredev. greetz
  3. The answer depends on whether or not toshen wants to run in master mode or not. I want to run in Slave Mode for recieving the datas from the 4 16f870 which are in Master-mode and are not connected constant and in Master to Store them on the EEPROM. From there I can get them on my CPU via USB-Driver, that seems to work. I´ve started to programm a touchpanel and an lcd screen, now I want to get the I2C-network programmed. The problem was to get in to it, I only programmed Infineon controllers (reg 164,167) with Keil uVision, what is much easier to handle. But I understand; I´ve just started
  4. How do I set the 10-bit address for a pic 16f870? In which register do I have to write that? Is there another function to set things like that instead of main?
  5. I think you ask for too much at once, and what you are asking for is not so clear. Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok you´re right. I want the configuration code for the i2c bus for the pic 16f877. Can I go on with: void main (void) {. . . SSPSTAT = 0x80; SSPCON1 = 0x2e; . . . } ?
  6. Can noone give me some starting advices? I thought here are some mighty programmers arround!
  7. Hey Guys. First of all nice to meet some dudes with the same probs as me. I´m programming a pic16f877 right now and have to initialize the i2c. The controller has to recieve datas from 4 pic 16f870 and a ds 1307 realtime-clock. Although the controller has to recieve and trancieve datas from 24c64 EEPROM via i2c. Can you help me to getting in to it? I´ve only experiences with keil programming with the rs232 wich is a lot different to the ide and i2c. I finished the hardware allready, and started the programm wizzard of PICANT to initialize the ports ( in/out/adc ) yet. Now I have a big que
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