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  1. Dave, There's just one remaining issue, which isn't a showstopper: my PicAnt/SourceBoost projects all live in fairly deep directory trees. PicAnt never used to complain about this, but now I get an error message after assembly: Error[173] ..... : Source file path exceeds 62 characters (....) I'm actually using gpasm as the assembler, and it quite happily produces a .HEX file which seems to work, but the process is marred by C2C claiming that it's failed! Chris. (Note from Dave - Sorry Chris I goofed up - I accidently answered by editing this post, I've put back what I can, tha
  2. Having just bought a license for the shiny new BoostC compiler, I now find that my old PicAnt IDE and C2Cplus (V5.22) doesn't work any more - it complains that my 'Temporary key has expired'. I've tried re-entering my permanent key and it doesn't work any more. I have a large body of code which compiles with the old C2Cplus and I really, really don't want to port it to BoostC just yet if I can possibly help it: it's the sort of code which, if it contains an obscure bug, will cause hardware failures and product returns, which quickly gets expensive. Is there a way of getting PicAnt/C2C
  3. Thanks for the response, but I wasn't even using BoostC - just C2C. The error was occuring before I'd even pressed the 'assemble' button, so I thought MPASM couldn't be part of the problem. It only seemed to happen when my code went above a certain size, and appeared to be due to the RAM usage. However, answering my own question, I tried out the demo of BoostC and the problem went away once I'd ported the code (which required much fiddling about making global variables 'extern', I assume due to the different compilation model). Spurred on by that I've paid for the full professional licence
  4. I'm using C2C-plus version 5.2.2e on a PIC16F877. I'm gradually building up a fairly complex project. I've just added one more source file and now it refuses to compile, giving me this sequence of errors at the end of the compile: Warning: Not known opcode 'dw B'11111101110010'' asm error: Location of '0' already occupied or not valid asm error: Location of '0' already occupied or not valid asm error: Location of '0' already occupied or not valid asm error: Wrong code page Looking at the .lst file it produces, my suspicion is that it's running out of RAM and for some reason not usi
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