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  1. Hi I'm experiencing problems with my SX48 design and C2Cplus. The generated assembly does not put function calls on the lower half of page memory. This problem has appeard just recently, and the reason why i haven't seen this before is probably that the code has grown. I was previously running ver 5.xx and i was hoping that it would be fixed in later versions, but i just got my license for an 6.xx upgrade and to my frustration the 6.11 had the same fault. Can i make some workaround to get this to work? Here is a packed version of the project that fails: Download project: R
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to get the DEVICE directives right for the SX28AC target. By default they are set to: DEVICE SX28L, TURBO, STACKX_OPTIONX I however need to set the OSCHS2 directive also. When left out it defaults to OSCRC, and that doesn't work too well with cheramic resonators like Murata 50Mhz. thanks, /Anders
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