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  1. Thanks Tim, Dave Hobday has sorted me out a temporary licence - seems that Pavel is responsible for licencing - still needs sorting!. Regards Chris.
  2. Hi I’ve received my licence key from "SWReg - Digital River" after purchasing the BoostC++ pro version (U7669769202) on the 27/09. I’ve removed my current 6.92 installation and downloaded and installed the latest 7.42 version. When entering my registration details (as supplied by email from SWReg-Digital River) it fails for both 16 and 18 licences reporting "Invalid Name or Key (not registered)". NB. PReg was run using administrator rights and both name and key entered as provided. Could you advise please as this is now becoming urgent for me. Regards Chris
  3. Hi Reynard, I entered the key code AND user name supplied in the email from SWReg-Digital River following my purchase. Regards Chris.
  4. Hi Reynard, I purchased a new full pro C++ version (U7669769202) - not an upgrade. I uninstalled my 6.92 version and installed version 7.42. I received a new license key from SWReg (see snippet below) entered the user name and new key provided using administrator rights in preg. And it Failed saying "Invalid User/License key" Cheers Chris. " Thank you for your registration. Below is your single node license key for BoostC++ compiler version 7.x Pro edition which is part of the SourceBoost installation package. Before entering your key information plea
  5. Hi, I had similar problems yesterday. I purchased the proc C++ license, removed my 6.92 installation and downloaded and installed the latest 7.42 package. Ran preg as administrator but "invalid username/password" was reported. Emailed to support@sourceboost.com but haven't had a reply yet. Regards Chris.
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