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  1. declaring register bits like this would be very handy!!!!!!! bit RA0 @ (&porta*8)+0; then I could remove this sort of code: set_bit(porta,0); and make it RA0=0; or while (RA0)
  2. I use the picc lite compiler in sourceboost, but in the new ide (5.6.1) i don't see my error messages! when i compile in IDE 5.5.1 i see this: Error[000] D:\Mijn documenten\Frans\elektronica\pic\belichtbak timer\main.c 118 : ; expected main.c delay.c lcd.c C:\HT-PIC\bin\picc.exe -MPLAB -ASMLIST -q -16F877A -W0 -D32 -Olcd.hex main.c delay.c lcd.c Exit code was 1. Removing target: lcd.hex Failed to locate output file 'lcd.hex' Done Failed and when i compile the same project in 5.6.1 i see this main.c delay.c lcd.c Exit code was 1. Removing target: lcd.hex Failed to locat
  3. Maybe you can post the source for the picc lite integration so that I can modify it myself?
  4. Hi, I asked this before, but i got no replies. It would be nice if i could use the hi-tech picc compiler with sourceboost, the plugin would be exactly the same as the plugin for picc lite, but some more processors added!
  5. Hello, It would be nice if not only picc lite from hi tech c, but also the full version would be supported by sourceboost. I think the plugin would be exactly the same with some more processors added.
  6. The newer wizard in 5.2.2 is much better, but the I2C hardware still does not make any functions. It would also be nice if I could choose the option not to make that I8_task_counter. I would like to know how to integrate my wizard into picant, but it is written in Delphi, is that a problem?
  7. I found a better solution, I wrote my own picant wizard!Wizard.zip feel free to download it!
  8. If I debug my ad convertor or I2C (hardware) it does not work in the simulator, but the specifications tell me that it should work!
  9. I like the wizard from picant, but it would be better if it worked. -It does not include code for timer1 and timer2 -in pwm_dc_setup, ccp1con &= 0xE7; should be replaced with ccp1con &= 0x0C;
  10. Hello, when i use output_port_b(i); the c2c compiler makes a bcf STATUS, RP0 too much, because it was already done at the beginning of the program. Reply to: fschreuder@gmx.net
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