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  1. Hello, I have the latest demo (V4.6) of the compiler. It seems to support (has the PIC16F628 in the list of PICs available) the 16 series chips (code is generated). Will this code work for the 16 series chips ??? Does the simulator work for the demo? Will the ICE work with the package? Will v5 support the PIC16? Is there a support number ? (I may have more questions) (we are about to order a compiler this week) tks. JCote.
  2. I have a demo version of version 4.6. It seems to support (generate code for) the PIC16F628. Will the latest version (5) support this processor??? Is there a contact number for support? (I have a couple of more questions before ordering this). This seems to be the only package that does C++ for the PIC devices out there. The other companies have indicated that it costs to much to develop such a compiler. tks.
  3. Are there any plans to develop a compiler for PIC 16 or 17 soon? Very nice IDE.
  4. Hello, we are looking for a PIC C/C++ compiler. Is this a full compiler? with debug? with simulator? What doesn't it support? We will be using pointers to functions. Will it support simulation? Will it support emulation (i.e. ICE for PIC)? How does it compare to Hitech's compilter and IDE? What sort of features are offered? Will it support all the PIC devices? Any limitations? Future enhancements? Thanks. Jeff please contact me via the phone 613 993 3786 for I do not have an email account yet. (other products we are looking at: Hitech, IAR, CCS and an ICE from microchi
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