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  1. Just downloaded the latest MPLAB X IDE v1.00. Looks like the official release has changed a few things, and they are expecting one toolchair per Base directory (unless I'm doing something wrong)
  2. In that case, I'll definitely look into it. I still do some things old-school.
  3. I guess I answered my own question, the code seems to work in hardware. I blink an LED after the while loop... and, well, the LED blinks. Next up, hooking a pot to the input to see if I can turn the LED on at a certain voltage.
  4. Haven't had the time to dig into serial stuff yet (that's next).
  5. Maybe this will help us both out. I'm using a PIC16F88 to read in an A/D value. I have it set up to use the RC oscillator (INTRC) so that it runs as 31.25 kHz (I need to use it as a nanoWatt device). Here's my small bit of code: #include <system.h> #pragma DATA _CONFIG1, _CP_OFF & _CCP1_RB0 & _DEBUG_OFF & _WRT_PROTECT_OFF & _CPD_OFF & _LVP_ON & _BODEN_ON & _MCLR_OFF & _PWRTE_ON & _WDT_OFF & _INTRC_CLKOUT #pragma DATA _CONFIG2, _IESO_ON & _FCMEN_ON // Set 20MHz clock frequency #define CLOCK 31250 #pragma CLOCK
  6. Ahhh yes, that did it! page 153 for the 'A'. I hadn't looked at that part of the manual. Thanks!
  7. You are right! page 153 for the 'A'. I hadn't made it that far into the manual. I dug through the timer 0 and timer 1 descriptions. And now it just does! Thanks!
  8. I'm using a PIC 16F876A Is there only one interrupt service routine (ISR)? void interrupt( void ) I ask, because I'm trying to use timer1 to set the duty cycle and frequency of a output, and while that works, I have to have timer0 running in order for the ISR to be called. Stepping through the program, I can watch TMR1 increment and on overflow it sets TMR1IF of the PIR1 register. However interrupt() isn't called until TMR0 rolls over. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Here's my code: #include <system.h> #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _CP_OFF & _DEBUG_OFF &
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