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  1. I need boostc support for PIC16F1788 and PIC16F1789 Best Regards Johnny
  2. Hi Reynard and Pavel, i reinstalled mplab and now all work fine thankyou very much
  3. Reynard, those are all RegisterGp definitions Pavel, SourceBoost IDE compile it without error, so how can i procede for debug my hardware with pickit 3 ? Please, i posted something in bug report forum section, now i delete the content but i've not understand how to delete topic and post, can you remove it ? I' m sorry, have not familiarity with the use of the forums Regards Gianni
  4. thankyou very much, i have only 2 arrays, the first one of 10 unsigned short and the second of 7 unsigned char, no string or constant but compiler create this at the start of program: can i do something for resolve it? and this why is succesfully compiled? this is an old version of 4 days ago maybe I do not understand
  5. Hi, i'm using SourceBoostC 7.20 version with Mplab IDE v.8.86, my project working fine untill 2 day ago, but i do not understandi why now the compiler give me this build error after all success. if i disable linker optimization Build Successfully but ROM is almost full and the program runs very slow; I'm going crazy.... can someone help me? ThankYou
  6. Hi, sometime with unsigned int variable and optimization flag = on, compiler fail in some comparison test: unsigned int i; // in asm file: gbl_i EQU 0x00000050 ; bytes:2 if (i==0) { do something } the generated code (some times, randomly), this is: movf gbl_i, f btfss status, z goto label the code: movf gbl_i+D'1', f btfss status, z is missing, so when value is 256 the expression is condidered true. Recompiling all work fine for some times but it can appear in other part of code with other variable with the same comparison type.
  7. please is there a way to eliminate this fastidious warning when i pause pickit2 debugger in mplab debug mode? I can not bear more :angry: thankyou
  8. In PIC18F4331.h include file of 7.01 version are missing some CONFIG5L Options please add this line to avoid compiler error: _CP2_ON_5L EQU H'FB' ; Enabled _CP2_OFF_5L EQU H'FF' ; Disabled _CP3_ON_5L EQU H'F7' ; Enabled _CP3_OFF_5L EQU H'FF' ; Disabled
  9. I recently used this Pic and on datasheet there are no way to do this so i think it is impossible.
  10. Hello, i'm using a pic18F2620, i've to use one rom table in interrupt and one in main program too. I've an initialization ram code so i can not use table in ram. I try to use classic sistem of pic16 RETLW number but i have some problem this is a part of code how have to do for not obtain the error: unknown function 'tab1' at line asm call tab1 ? Is it anoter way to do it? Regards Gianni
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