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  1. Where do you get ICD2Prog.exe ? http://piklab.sourceforge.net/download.php libusb (needed) http://sourceforge.net/projects/libusb-win32/
  2. Thanks for the info. For the moment i've compressed 2 functions into 1 which got rid of the warnings. Matt.
  3. Hi All, Got the following warning whilst compiling this morning: Building CASM file Serious Warning: Call stack usage exceeds:8! Call Stack Usage Report ======================= main and Task(s): hw used:7, exceeded by:0 interrupt: hw used:2, exceeded by:0 My question - Given 7 < 8 is this something I need to be worried about? Or is the issue that 7 + 2 > 8 ? ie. Does BoostC add an extra stack call (or two) and thus cause problems, or is it just warning me i've hit the maximum, or have I already exceeded the limit? Boring stuff: SourceBoost 6.91, 16F876A 20MHz.
  4. I'll admit this is small and petty, but it catches me out every time... I often use the Browse function feature under the Workspace tab to quickly jump to a function in the source code (very cool feature btw). However it does two things which seem a little counter-intuitive: 1) Double clicking on a function name in the tree opens the file and most of the time (but not always) scrolls the first line of the function to the BOTTOM of the screen. Is it possible for this to scroll to the top so I can see the whole function rather than just its definition? 2) I use a intelli-mouse thin
  5. This feature exists for a while already. From user's manual "Sometimes it's useful to rebuild the whole project even if some project files don't need to be processed. To force a full project build use the hot keys Ctrl+F7 or Ctrl+build command". Regards, Pavel <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah a good old case of RTFM. My appologies
  6. Would it be possible in a future build of the SourceBoost IDE to get either a "Rebuild All" or a "Clean" compile/build option? All this needs to do is delete the intermediate files (*.obj) and all would be good. Also, when hitting build, if all files except one are up to date, why does the IDE need to recompile the untouched files? Thanks, Matt.
  7. I have just upgraded to v6.38 under MPLAB. When I build after only changing a single source file it still rebuilds all. Is this expected under MPLAB? Cheers, Matt.
  8. Many thanks Pavel. It seems when I said the latest I hadn't noticed the new build. Thanks
  9. Hi All, I'm using the SourceBoost IDE with the latest BoostC compiler. My target is a PIC 16F876A and i'm trying to read from the flash memory using Boost's built in flash routines. My very simple code is: #include <system.h> #include <flash.h> void main() { short x; x = flash_read(0x2000); while (1); } This compiles fine, but won't link (yes I added the flash.pic16.lib) to my project. I get the following errors: Failure Error: Duplicate global var:cmcon Error: Duplicate global var:eedata Error: Duplicate global var:eeadr Error: Duplicate global var:eeco
  10. I noticed the following in the help file: Do you have an ETA of when rom char * will be available? Cheers, Matt. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Anyone ??
  11. Hi, I've been trying to define an array of strings in ROM such as: rom char *str_array[] = { "abc", "def", "hijklmnop" }; It gives the compile error: I noticed the following in the help file: Do you have an ETA of when rom char * will be available? Cheers, Matt.
  12. Hi Danmc77, Thanks for the reply. At least I know it should be possible. Did you do anything other than include icd2.h? I'm currently using a 16F876A, but have also had no luck with a 16F877A. My code is less than 2k as well. Cheers, Matt.
  13. Anybody else using ICD2 to debug? If so how did you get it to work? I still get the errors above.
  14. When I try this, it compiles and links, but after programming I get the following errors (i'm using a 16F876A): MPLAB ICD 2 Ready Programming Target... ...Validating configuration fields ...Erasing Part ...Programming Program Memory (0x0 - 0xFFF) ...Loading DebugExecutive ...Programming DebugExecutive ...Programming Debug Vector Verifying... ...Program Memory ...Debug Executive ...Debug Vector ...Verify Succeeded Programming Configuration Bits .. Config Memory Verifying configuration memory... ...Verify Succeeded Connecting to debug executive ...Programming succeeded MPLAB ICD 2 Ready Re
  15. Thanks Pavel. I read over the MPLAB integration quickly and missed that step. A simple case of RTFM... thanks again.
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