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  1. Any chance of supporting the newer lightweight, flash-based PIC chips like the 10F20x series and the 12F508 series? (My apologies if these are already supported and I missed it!!!) TIA Ian >
  2. I have not been able to find a workaround to this apparent bug. (seems to be in 5.2.0 and 5.2.2) Please tell me I am doing something very silly!??!?!? The following code: >--snip if (c==8){ LCD_send_byte(0, 0x10); // backspace } else if (c==10){ >--snip compiles as: >---snip ;;;;;;;;{ ;;;;;;;; if (c==8){ btfss param00_LCD_putc, D'3' goto label_0020 ;;;;;;;; LCD_send_byte(0, 0x10); // backspace clrf param00_LCD_send_byte movlw D'16' movwf param01_LCD_send_byte call _LCD_send_byte ;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;; } else if (c==10){ goto label_0021 label_002
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